Storms blow across North Carolina all the time. During the spring and summer, we get used to extreme weather, and we prepare our homes and buildings for the storms. Still, even the best preparations can’t withstand certain storms. The good news is that North Carolina is always ready to rebuild. When the weather gets strong, we stay stronger. At AFTERDISASTER-Metrolina, we’re here to help with all types of storm restoration. Has your home or building received storm damage? Then read on, or give us a call now.

Storm Damage Restoration


When storms show up, they don’t pick just one way to cause damage. There are many different types of storm damage. Here are some of the most common types that we experience here in North Carolina.




We don’t often think of the wind as a powerful thing, but it can cause a lot of storm damage. Whether winds come from a hurricane or a regular thunderstorm, when they get strong enough, they can harm houses and buildings. Notably, roof tiles often fly away when the wind gets too fierce. Other damage can come from trees or power lines that are blown over. Additionally, flying debris can break windows or cause other damage.



Water is also a major part of storm damage. In fact, water can sometimes cause the most damage and leave the longest lasting impact. Since water can slip through cracks, it can cause damage both indoors and outdoors. Water also activates mold spores, causing a mold problem that can last for years if left untreated.



Hail can come in all sizes. Sometimes hail is no bigger than regular raindrops. At other times, it can be the size of golf balls. Either way, it hits hard and causes a lot of harm. Hail causes major dents and breaks, and it can also break windows on buildings and cars.


If you have storm damage on your property, how do you choose the right repair service? How do you know that your restoration company can get the job done? Look for a company that has all of the qualities that we’ve listed below.

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First, find a company that provides emergency service. Storms can show up at any time, and sometimes you need help right away. Find a company that will have somebody pick up the phone whenever you call. You’ll want a restoration service that you can rely on.

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Next, check for certification. Looking for certification is an easy way to find out whether or not a company has an experienced team. The IICRC, for example, only certifies restoration companies who provide quality work. When a company has IICRC certification, you’ll know that its team members know exactly what they’re doing.

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Do you need storm damage restoration for your home? A commercial property? Both? Make sure that your restoration team can handle whichever type of job you need them to do. If you find a company that has the industrial strength of a commercial service and the personal touch of a home service, you’ve made the right choice.

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Last but not least, find a restoration team that commits itself to customer satisfaction. You don’t need a team that will only do a halfhearted job, especially when it comes to storm damage. You can look for reviews online to find out what other customers have to say about the company.


Some storm damage is significant and easily noticeable. However, other damage is small but still long-lasting. Below, we’ve listed some of the most common types of storm damage. At AFTERDISASTER-Metrolina, we’ve helped clients from Concord to Gastonia and beyond with all of these issues. If you’ve noticed any of these damages on your own property, then we can help you, too.

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Whether it’s your house, building, fence, or other structure, AFTERDISASTER-Metrolina can restore outdoor property damage. Hail may have left dents, or wind may have knocked something to the ground. No matter what damage you’re facing, we’ve got you covered.

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Whether a hailstone slammed into your window or a tree branch came crashing into your house, we’re here to help you with window damage. After storms, local window repair companies are busy with requests. You may have to wait weeks before you can get a full window repair. However, you can’t just leave a broken window alone. Broken windows leave your property vulnerable to more storm damage or even robbery and vandalism. AFTERDISASTER-Metrolina can board up any broken windows, protecting your house or building until you get a replacement window.

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Whether you’ve got a completely flooded basement or just a small leak, water can cause major destruction. From black mold to warps and stains, water can have a long-lasting impact. Thankfully, your AFTERDISASTER-Metrolina team can deal with water damage of all sizes. We can remove water, dry a space, and deal with the water’s after effects.

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Finally, storms can damage your property by knocking down trees and blowing debris into your yard. Sometimes these items are too heavy to remove without professional help. Furthermore, these items can land on houses, fences, and other structures, causing collapses and other types of harm. AFTERDISASTER-Metrolina will remove debris and repair the damage left behind.

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