When was the last time you checked your indoor air quality? Has it been a few years? What if you’ve never had your indoor air quality checked? If that’s the case, then it’s time to call the experts at AFTERDISASTER-Metrolina. You make sure that your home has clean carpets, clean counters, and clean furniture. At AFTERDISASTER-Metrolina, we’ll make sure that your home has clean air.

Indoor Air Quality


It’s a good idea to check your air quality once every couple of years or so. If you have a big family, or if you own a large building, it wouldn’t hurt to check even more often than that.


Pollen Season


First of all, it’s almost always allergy season in North Carolina. Without a doubt, North Carolina is one of the most beautiful places to live. That’s why we set up shop in the Charlotte/Greenville area. However, all of that natural beauty comes with lots of pollen and other allergens. We have flower pollen in the springtime, tree pollen in the fall, and indoor allergens in the winter. Those allergens get into your air ducts and circulate throughout your house, making you miserable if you suffer from allergies. Having your air quality checked can make your life easier and far more breathable.

Day to Day


What do you bring inside your home or building? We think of the indoors and the outdoors as separate spaces, but just how separate are they? The truth is that you bring some of the outdoors with you every time you walk inside. If one of your kids plays sports, he or she brings even more of the outdoors into the house. If people who use your building smoke cigarettes, they bring some of that inside, too. Day to day life can build up inside your air vents over time. When you check your air quality regularly, you can clear the dust.

Mold and Mildew


After a particularly rainy season, it’s a good idea to have your air ducts checked. Mold and mildew can get into your vents, causing health problems for those with mold sensitivities.

Cold and Flu Season


Did cold and flu season hit your family hard? Have a lot of people worked in your building while sick? In that case, now is a great time to have your ducts and vents cleaned. Germs spread through the air, and your ducts carry that air all throughout your home or building. By the way, if your building is a hospital or doctor’s office, an air quality check is especially crucial. Having clean air is one of the best ways to protect your patients’ health.


Contact us if you have any questions, our team is ready to help.

Check Mark


More often than not, we won’t have to use any cleaning products when we check your air quality. Our HVAC process usually gets the job done without any problems. When we do have to use cleaning products, however, we only use the family-safe kind. Our cleaning solutions get rid of mold, dirt, and germs, but they won’t harm your family. You won’t have to worry about your kids, pets, or elderly family members when we clean your air ducts. As a family centered company, we care about keeping our clients safe.

Check Mark


We briefly mentioned commercial buildings earlier, but let’s take a closer look at commercial air quality. If you run a government or commercial building, that building will accumulate dust and dirt over time. In a home, only a handful of people walk in and out every day. However, in a commercial building, hundreds or even thousands of people come through the door. Each person brings their own dust and dirt. Some bring illnesses as well. Thankfully, AFTERDISASTER-Metrolina is prepared to take care of the air quality in commercial buildings. No matter how big your air system may be, we have the tools that we need to get the job done.

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Do you own or manage an apartment building? Then it’s very important that you keep the air clean for your residents. The people who live in your building will all have different health backgrounds. They’ll all have different jobs, so they’ll all bring dust from different places into the building. When residents have visitors, that means even more dirt and dust. AFTERDISASTER-Metrolina can help you keep your building clean and safe for all of your residents.


Now that you know you need to check your air quality, you’re probably wondering how you should go about doing so. It’s simple. Just call AFTERDISASTER-Metrolina. We can evaluate and improve your indoor air quality so that you can breathe easy again. Here’s how we do it.

Step 1


First, we’ll take a look at your air vents and ducts. Your air circulates through these places all the time, so they’re the number one indicator of clean vs. dirty air. If you have dust, mold, debris, or other things clogging up your air ducts, we’ll let you know and then move on to the next step. This initial assessment will also tell us how long the rest of the process will take.

Step 2


Next, we’ll remove all dust and debris from your ducts and vents. How do we do that? Our HVAC system helps us take care of it. First, we use high-powered fans to push the debris into your main duct. From there, we can easily vacuum everything out. If you have mold or mildew in your ducts or vents, we’ll clean it out. By the end of this process, the only thing circulating through your vents will be clean, fresh air.

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