The 3 Most Common Types of Vandalism

The 3 Most Common Types of Vandalism

The prevalence of criminal vandalism can make vandalism cleanup difficult. When one cleanup project ends, more complaints arrive. Calls are about new graffiti work, damage to buildings, and other crimes. However, AFTERDISASTER-Metrolina serves the greater Charlotte area with professional vandalism cleanup services. We help restore residential and commercial buildings after they’ve been damaged by vandals. Here are the three most common types of vandalism we see and how we can help.


You see graffiti everywhere. It can be spray paint tags or graffiti on the sides of buildings, under highways, or on train cars. For whatever reason, graffiti is very popular among teens and some gang members. If your building is vandalized by graffiti, call a professional service to restore it. It takes time and some specialized products. As a result, we recommend you to call a company familiar with graffiti removal. All surface areas must be cleaned. Sometimes pressure washers or sandblasters can remove the paint from brick and other materials. However, there is a risk that they can further damage a wall. In these instances, professional liquid graffiti removal solvents are another option.

Property Damage

 Property damage like smashed windows or broken fence poles is another common form of vandalism. You may be the target of some act of revenge or the victim of random vandalism. Whatever the case, property damage can feel like an invasion of privacy. It can also cost a lot of money to repair. A professional restoration company can do the necessary vandalism cleanup to get your house or business back up and running quickly. They’ll also be able to fix any structural damage to the building and make cosmetic repairs.

Street Signs and Billboards

For some reason, vandals love to target street signs and billboards. They use markers, paint, spray paint, and other materials to damage them. Sometimes, they even pull them out of the ground to steal them. Rampant vandalism in public areas affects the image of a street, neighborhood, or entire town. Contacting a professional vandalism cleanup service can help stave off the impacts of criminal vandalism.

Dealing with vandalism is an unfortunate reality that property owners and governments must deal with. No one wants to have their investments affected by criminals. The right vandalism cleanup service can lessen the impact of vandalism and protect the value of your store, house, or office. Call AFTERDISASTER-Metrolina today if you’ve been a victim of vandalism.